Writing Heals

writing healsWriting Heals

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The Chronically Awesome Foundation was founded, in part, on the basic concept that writing heals. We believe that on the whole, art heals and that writing is one very powerful part of that.

Everyone has a story to tell. We do not have to be great writers. We do not have to know how to spell or how to put pen to paper to be a “writer”. If you have a voice and you know someone from The Chronically Awesome Foundation, or a good friend that wants to share in your healing and the healing of others then you can make your story known. That expression not only helps you, it can help another person. Your story can help someone that needs to be able to say, “Really? I am not alone?”

“Talking about difficult experiences can be a way of easing the emotional pain of trauma…” – Maia Szalavitz

Pain Relief

Emotional pain is not the only pain that can be eased by the power of writing. Pain, of all sorts, from the top of your head all the way to your toes can be helped by the introspection that comes with the conjuring up of those words and the catharsis one gets from the spilling out of those words. From cave drawings that warn of the animals that can kill and the oral traditions of so many tribes that we can each find far back in our family trees, the purpose of the story has always been part art, part science; even when we did not know which part we were contributing to as the storyteller.

I have noticed that the chronic illness community blogs far less than it used to. I see some of the bloggers that I know, or think I know will always be there, but I see that many others have moved on to other things or just moved on. Maybe that means they have found that place, the place they needed to get to and their writing took them there. Maybe they just don’t have the time anymore.

I Like The Process

I do not know if I will ever get there. I do not know that if I get there that I will want to stop. I like the process. I like getting frustrated at myself for writing too much or not writing enough. I like not knowing what I am going to write about and then finding myself as I am now, at 400 words.

Join Me

I invite you to join me, to come here to this place and share your journey with us. To start with the not knowing or to know where you are going and find yourself some other place entirely. Come here and heal. Come here and fall in love with words, or find again the love you once had. Join me following that prescription that says “writing heals”.

It will only hurt a little. Trust me, when you are done it will feel better, much much better.

I can’t wait to hear from you. Email submissions@chronicallyawesome.org with your blog, poem, or other creative work. We will post your submission here. Let us know how writing heals you.

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