Speech Therapy: Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect


Speech Therapy: When Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

This blog about Dystonia and Speech Therapy is from the blog: Chronicles Of A Dystonia Muse by Pamela Sloate

A dashing speech therapist broke my heart. No, it wasn’t a torrid romance ending in tragedy but his sage words of advice: conversational speech is the last dam to break. Worse still, the coveted prize we were chasing was “communication” not “perfection.”

I’m a self-admitted practicing perfectionist. “Good enough” is never good enough when my life’s work is a perpetual pursuit of Eden. I aim to scale mountains and then chastise myself for the slightest blunder. So, surprise, surprise, I embarked on speech therapy with abundant determination to nail that bull’s-eye. In my estimation, I’d practice, practice, practice until my speech issued perfect, perfect perfect. While I might not scale tall buildings in a single bound, I’d surely conquer them with a rigorous daily regimen. Then reality hit.

Those darn “Ks” and “Gs” continued to pose a battle, median “Ds” and “Ts” relentlessly evaded me…and shall we discuss my lip sounds? Further, if I reduced my life to working on my speech when would I actually use it? I needed to modify the recipe.  …. Read More




About Pamela, a.k.a Dystonia Muse
What seems like a lifelong experience with Dystonia began with a “mis-step” when I was 8-1/2. Dystonia may have staged a coup over certain body parts but my heart and soul remain firmly my own. I’m a friend, daughter, sister, creative mind, honorary auntie, fan of the quantum mechanical, hopefully, one-day spouse, now also health activist.


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