December 6, 2015

Tips to Being Chronically Awesome

Tips To Being Chronically Awesome

Are you looking for some tips to being Chronically Awesome? 

These tips have been helping and inspiring chronically ill men and women since 2009 to take the ill out of Chronic Illness and swap it for Awesome! These are not rules, we don’t like artificial rules, but some tips for you to try out. Use these tips as a guide to lead a more hopeful life. Print These: (PDF) tips-to-being-chronically-awesome

You are not your diagnosis. You are YOU, the person first. You are a person with a chronic condition; you are not the chronic condition. Your Chronic Condition does not own you.

i-was-ca-today-becauseDefine yourself by your abilities. Many of us have discovered new abilities once we became chronically awesome. Becoming Chronically Awesome isn’t the loss of your life, it is the beginning of a new, and different life.

Communicate daily. Do not fall into the black hole of chronic illness. Talk to someone every day. Talk to someone at home, on the phone, in your neighborhood or online.

Every conversation does not have to be about your illness. There is so very much more to you than your diagnosis. You have many interests, hobbies, and experiences that do not go away just because you are sick.

Often, the better we look, the better we feel. As hard as it may be, try to shower and get dressed every day. If you need a shower chair or can only take a bath, that’s fine. If even that’s too much, wash up, comb your hair and put on a clean pair of pajamas. You will be glad you did. If you wear make-up, just a bit will go a long way in feeling better about yourself.

Keep the faith! Whatever your faith or belief is, keep it strong. If your faith is in God, or yourself, just be strong and keep believing.

Your illness is not your fault. You did not ask for this. Looking back over your shoulder and wondering why this has happened to you or what you could have done differently will not change where you are now. Always look forward. Never assign blame.

Learn the difference between problems and inconveniences. Stress can trigger flares, depressive or manic episodes, and all kinds of chronic symptoms. You will find that most things are inconveniences. Just take a deep breath, get centered, think. It is better to respond to situations than react.

When in doubt, Nap it out! Rest is vital, and naps are a great way to make sure you are getting enough sleep.  A mid-day nap is often more than just a pick-me-up, it’s a necessity. There is such thing as too much sleep so don’t over do it. Sometimes we wake up still not feeling refreshed, that can be normal for the chronically ill, so keep a normal sleep schedule and try not to deviate from it.

this-person-isAffirmations. At the end of the day, say to yourself, or write in a journal: “Today I was Chronically Awesome because…” and list all of the great accomplishments of your day. Anything from showering and getting dressed, taking a walk, to doing a half or full day of work at the office. Whatever you got done that makes you proud.  “Today I was Chronically Awesome because I walked to the corner of my street and back.” That IS pretty awesome! Some days your list will be very long, or full of amazingly big things, other days the list might be shorter, and have smaller things. What matters is that you accomplished things, you own them, and they make you Chronically Awesome! Be proud!

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