January 11, 2017

Resources For Sharing And Printing

Resources For Sharing And Printing

Useful Chronically Awesome Resources

The Chronically Awesome Foundation is always working to provide resources to benefit the entire Chronically Awesome Community. This index contains items you may wish to share with others that are living with chronic conditions, or you may wish to print something as a resource to carry with you when visiting a doctor or friend.

We are always adding new resources and will publish this page to Facebook and Twitter when there are changes.

Tips to being Chronically awesome


The Tips To Being Chronically Awesome

Not rules, but a day-to-day guide of things to try when you are feeling more ill than awesome.




chronically awesome mankowski subjective pain scale

The Chronically Awesome Mankowski Subjective Pain Scale

When you are a chronic pain patient 1-10 just doesn’t make sense anymore. Print this out and take it to your doctor or the next time you visit the ER. Divided into three sections of pain and within each section subjective feelings that are divided into ability to function, this can help you have a real discussion about pain.





fibromyalgia tender points chronically awesome

Fibromyalgia Tenderpoints

Have you ever wondered what the tenderpoints are? Use this guide to help you chart your pain between doctor visits. Want to learn more about Fibromyalgia? Visit our Conditions center.




what is the DSM


What is the DSM?

(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)

Learn more about the guide used by the mental health community to diagnose and better understand mental illnesses and their treatments.