December 6, 2015

Get Inspired!

Beyond useful health information, our advocates also share messages, pictures, and other forms of creative expression to help you get inspired. This sharing of artistic expression is the cornerstone of the Chronically Awesome Community. You too can share your inspired #ChronicallyAwesome images with The Chronically Awesome Foundation. You will be credited for your work!

The video below is an excerpt from an interview with our founder, Jules Shapiro. Our friends at WEGO Health interviewed Jules on the day that The Chronically Awesome Foundation launched. In the video, Jules describes her health journey and her motivation for starting The Chronically Awesome Foundation.


Get Inspired – Shareable Motivational Quotes and Images

We encourage you to share these motivational quotes and images with family and friends! Show people what it means to be chronically awesome with supportive words of encouragement. We only ask that you give us credit and help us spread the word about being chronically awesome.