May 21, 2016

It’s National Swimming Day

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Today is National Swimming Day!

May 21, 2016, Jules Shapiro

Summer is just about here and it is time to get ready for some swimming.

swimmerAccording to the CDC, studies show that people enjoy swimming as exercise more than exercise on land. Swimming is a #ChronicallyAwesome way to exercise! Many chronic conditions give you stiff muscles and sore joints. Swimming is great exercise if you’re overweight or suffer from arthritis. Fibromyalgia patients have shown particular relief from hydrotherapy and water aerobics. Time in the pool is also recommended for those who live with heart conditions and diabetes. Some people do struggle with swimming and feel uncomfortable learning in a group environment. That is why the private swimming lessons Coast2Coast offer can be so valuable for a lot of people.

Swimming allows you to exercise without applying brutal punishment to your joints so dangerous for many of us who are #ChronicallyAwesome. Amazingly when you are in the water to your waist your body bears just 50 percent of its weight: submerge up to your chest and that number lowers to a mere 25 to 35 percent. When you sink all the way to the neck, your body only has to bear the brunt of 10 percent of its weight.

That means that the pool is carrying 90 percent of your total body weight.

Water-based exercise decreases both anxiety and depression. Families that have a child or children with developmental disabilities have, research shows, increased family connections from regular swimming together.

If you don’t have a pool, look into local rec centers, a YMCA or other facilities that may offer both open swim times and water exercise courses. Just make sure that wherever you swim the pool is maintained well, it is clean and that you are not at risk of injuring yourself. A common injury is swimmers shoulder. You should visit if you have suffered this. That is why, especially as someone who is #ChronicallyAwesome, it is always best to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

Do not forget the sunscreen, and remember to hydrate. Being surrounded by water does not mean you are exempt from staying hydrated.

Happy National Swimming Day from The Chronically Awesome Foundation!

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