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Our 2017 featured partner is provides comprehensive information, resources, and tools to allow people to overcome addiction and lead happy, healthy lives in recovery. Featuring the journeys of real people who have achieved sobriety, shares stories of hope and inspiration with those affected by alcohol, drugs and co-occurring mental health disorders.

March 2017

Co-Occurring Disorders

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Substance use disorders and mental illnesses can exist simultaneously. Of the 23 million Americans struggling with addiction, nearly 14 million suffer from some form of mental illness. Typically one disorder heightens the effects of the other, and having both a mental illness and a substance use disorder can complicate the road to recovery.

Those with a mental illness may dismiss their use of drugs or alcohol as a way to handle their mental state, and someone with a substance use disorder may be unaware that their mental health is at risk. Read More



February 2017

The Stigma Surrounding AddictionThe Stigma Surrounding Addiction

Why Is There Stigma?

When an individual feels shamed by others because of a particular circumstance or quality, they may be feeling the effects of stigma. Addiction is not a choice. And those who believe it’s a moral problem may be unaware that addiction is a chronic brain disease with devastating effects. Read More.

January 2017

Addiction Isn’t a Choice

Many people don’t understand addiction. This chronic brain disease can impact individuals from any community, race or socio-economic background. While some think those suffering from addiction chose to be in the situations they are in now, the truth is that a variety of factors influenced those decisions. Read More.


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