December 1, 2016

Find Clinical Trials

Find Clinical Trials

Thank you for your interest in Clinical Trials. When you participate in a Clinical Trial you are not only advancing opportunities for your own care, you are helping to advance the care of everyone in your community. Finding treatments and cures for your condition can make you feel better physically and can be rewarding emotionally.

Find clinical trials with our handy search tool. There are also available trials of particular interest listed below. Available trials change often so check back regularly. Some trials accept only a limited number of people so don’t wait to see if you qualify. Not all will qualify for trials they are interested in. Please read the trial program page carefully. Clinical trials are an important part of healthcare. Before joining a clinical trial you should fully understand not only that trial but the nature of clinical trials in general.

Among available trials, you will also find surveys that you may be qualified to answer. At the end of some surveys, you are eligible to win gift cards for your participation.

Please read all of the information on the trial page before proceeding. If you have not read and familiarized yourself with the clinical trial process as well as your patient’s rights and other information you need to know about clinical trials, visit our clinical trial program page.



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“In Their Owns Words” is a video series from the Cancer Support Community about clinical trials for cancer. Doctors and patients share their expertise and experience of participating in cancer-focused studies.

Help spread the word and educate your community on the importance of clinical trials for cancer!

Check out the Cancer Support Community videos about clinical trials.

Learn more about the Cancer Support Community at their website.

Great stories from cancer patients about ClinicalTrials. Help people get Cancer Support with these videos!


Recruiting for Rheumatoid Arthritis Trial

For some people with moderate or severe Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) symptoms, medications that have traditionally been used for the treatment of RA may not work well enough or may cause unwanted side effects.

This study is for people whose RA has not responded well enough to previous treatment with methotrexate. The study will compare an investigational drug to another already-approved treatment for RA and placebo. Learn More.



 Migraine Study

Acurian Healthmigraines clinical trial is recruiting for a migraine study. Chronic migraine headaches can interfere with work, family, and leisure. Medications may not manage the pain, nausea, dizziness and other symptoms associated with migraines. This trial may help you and other people suffering from chronic migraines maintain a better lifestyle.

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