December 6, 2015


Chronically Awesome Programs

As a grassroots organization, members of the chronically awesome community have been offering each other incredible support services for years. Our online support groups, peer counseling, and health information have allowed members to become a dynamic, diverse community that shares their needs, concerns, passions, and challenges.

Now, with the Foundation, these services can expand to reach more chronically awesome individuals across the nation. When you join The Chronically Awesome Foundation, you know that you are in the company of your peers. Those who have walked the tiresome walk of chronic illness for many years and have discovered that they can swap illness for awesome, or who are newly diagnosed and want to learn more, today. You will find a place within this family immediately.

Pam Gallegos, Her artistic expression is vocal, and beautiful

Pam Gallegos, Her artistic expression is vocal and beautiful

In addition to finding support, care, and education, the Foundation provides opportunities for you to stretch your creative wings. Our blogging page here on our website, and on Facebook allow you to share your journey. We also sponsor writing, photography and art projects with topics that give you the opportunity to reflect on themes as a community, showing each other, and the public about our shared experiences being Chronically Awesome. We encourage and support our Chronically Awesome Community to participate in art programs that help them express themselves and find healing.

As a philanthropic organization, The Chronically Awesome Foundation holds a variety of fundraisers for awesome nationwide charities. We believe that we are given two hands, one to help ourselves, and the other to help those in need. (Our founder loves Audrey Hepburn, that is part of a quote by Audrey.) We donate funds or materials to the charity chosen in order to advance artistic expression for the Chronically Awesome.

We are always excited to introduce new programs to meet the demands of our ever expanding community. We will announce these programs here and on our many community pages.

We hope that you find membership in The Chronically Awesome Foundation rewarding. When you join us, not only are you helping others, you are helping yourself by swapping your illness for something awesome… Chronically Awesome.