Postcard #6: Actions, Not Resolutions

Postcards From The Fog, A Journey Shared, by Michael Galli
Postcard #6: Actions, Not Resolutions, 31 December 2014

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December 31: The day that news feeds, tweets timelines and blog notifications fill with retrospectives and resolution promises. Not a bad thing at all. There are very real therapeutic benefits for the people posting like this. Especially, the look back at the old year. The drawback I see is the time and energy spent reflecting on the events of one calendar year, as well as the hours spent today prognosticating on the future and anticipating the success of personal resolutions.

But this is just a day, like any other. And today is just as good a day as tomorrow to make a change. Or the next. Maybe it was yesterday, and you missed starting something new or stopping yourself from continuing an unwanted habit. Or maybe, during this hour, that lightning bolt strikes and you say to yourself, “No more old ways.” There’s always another moment coming. The calendar should not be the driving force on when to make a personal change.
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