Peer Support


Peer Support For The Chronically Ill

Peer support is helpful because most patients are hesitant to share their feelings with their loved ones. Patients bury the depth of their fear and their pain, hiding a big piece of themselves from the people who care for them. This reluctance to share along with the limitations imposed by the disease can form a mental prison. That is why we need to share our fears, our anxiety, things that go bump in the head with peers that understand us.

Our support groups are not a replacement for a professional.

Peer Support

mental-illness-support-groupsThe Chronically Awesome Foundation has flourished as an online support group, starting first as a simple Twitter hashtag allowing patients with all chronic illnesses to instantly connect to other patients around the country. (And around the world!) There is no other common gathering place, major online presence, or reliable advocate dedicated to being that one all-inclusive community for any and all chronic conditions. The technology utilized by our staff, our volunteers, and members of our community gives patients access to experts, and important information to resources, regardless of their geographic location.


chronic chroniclesWe offer individual peer support upon request. Email us at contact @ Group support is offered in our chat rooms on Facebook both on our Chronically Awesome and Our Depression pages at announced times.

Tweetchats is a form of peer support that involves not just our own Chronically Awesome community, but anyone on Twitter that chooses to join. We will hold at least one Tweetchat with our featured partner during the year.

Each week we hold a support chat during our podcast Chronic Chronicles. Enter the TalkShoe podcast room and join the chat during the show.