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What Is Chronic Chronicles Podcast?

Chronic Chronicles is the podcast that encourages you, the chronically ill to discover your abilities instead of your inabilities. Chronic Chronics also shares information about chronic conditions in a way that is informative and positive.

Show topics range from interviews with healthcare and advocacy insiders to sex and the chronically awesome. When it comes to chronic illness and swapping illness for awesome, no topic is off limits.

donna kayMeet Your Chronically Awesome Podcast Team

Donna Kay is a health advocate and volunteer for The Chronically Awesome Foundation. You can find Donna Kay on Facebook at and on twitter at @healthier_stay. You can visit her website at

If you have health advocacy questions, please contact Donna on our Chronically Awesome Facebook page or at

Donna @

Jules on the airJules, otherwise known as WhatTheJules of Jules is the founder and executive director of The Chronically Awesome Foundation. You can find Jules hanging out on twitter at @julianna12369 or on her Facebook page


Choose Health Topics YOU Want To Discuss

Each week you can visit the Chronic Chronicles Facebook page to find out what the next topic will be. If you have a topic that you want to discuss with the ladies of The Chronicles, feel free to leave a note. Suggestions are always welcome.

It’s Your Health, Join the Chat

During the show, you are able to join in on the fun and informative chat by participating indonna on the air the dialog on TalkShoe with other listeners. Simply create a TalkShoe account and login. Your questions will be answered and your comments will be read on the air.
You can listen to all of our podcasts on our Chronic Chronicles Podcast page.

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