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Family Connections

Having fibromyalgia can easily lead to feelings of loneliness. The pain and fatigue we experience make going out and socializing rather difficult. Even worse than that is the feeling that none of your family or friends understand your suffering.

lonelyYour loved ones care and do want to support you, but, if they themselves do not have fibromyalgia or something very similar, it is difficult for them to fully understand what you go through on a daily basis. This can usher in feelings of being alone even when you’re surrounded by those closest to you.

Connecting With Others

While it is of course very important to maintain your relationships with family members and friends, it can be beneficial to connect with other people who also live with chronic illnesses. They will be able to offer you support, understanding, and advice.

Try searching online for support groups that meet near you. If there are no groups that meet close to you, or if you just are not up to going out for meetings, there are also many online support groups.

What Are the Benefits of a Support Group?

You will be able to talk to others who completely understand what you are going through day in and day out. You can be 100 percent honest about what you are experiencing without worrying about being perceived as overly negative or dramatic to get attention. And you don’t need to worry about scaring your loved ones, or causing them undue worry.

Connecting on Social Media

support outlookAnother great way to find others with chronic illnesses is through social media. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, to name a few, you can easily find others like yourself by searching for the hashtag “spoonies” or “ChronicallyAwesome”. In the past few years “spoonie” — a reference to the spoon theory — has become the term commonly used to describe someone with a chronic illness. This site presents the “Tips To Being Chronically Awesome“.

Searching for “spoonies” you may find groups, such as NewLifeOutlook, that are working to spread information about the illness itself, as well as giving support and helpful tips to those who are suffering. But you will likely also find individuals who are sharing their personal experiences in an effort to raise awareness and connect with people like you.

Finding Acceptance and Understanding

It is an important part of coping to have someone to vent to. Keeping all of your negative thoughts and feelings bottled up is not healthy — sometimes you just need to let out all of your frustration about things like difficulties with doctors, medication struggles, and symptoms like fibromyalgia weight gain.

Who better to share these thoughts with than someone who has felt the same way? Who better to understand that sometimes life with a chronic illness just sucks? Who better to remind you that there is always a reason to have hope than those holding on to hope in spite of their suffering?

We are here to help one another in so many ways. We can encourage and build each other up. We can offer a listening ear. We can share tips that we personally have found to be helpful.

It is understandable that you may occasionally feel you are dealing with fibromyalgia on your own. But, there are many others dealing with similar conditions as you. The fact is you are not alone and you do not need to suffer alone!


Adriel is a wife, mother, blogger, amateur cook, and fibromyalgia sufferer. She wants to share her story to help others understand what life with fibromyalgia is like and to offer comfort and support for fellow sufferers.

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2 thoughts on “New Life Outlook

  • Thank you, Adriel for sharing your story with the Chronically Awesome Community. We agree strongly with you that when you find that group that supports you, spoonies, chronically awesome, family, church, whomever, that is when you feel safe and less alone. That is when what at one time felt like a struggle turns into a road to healing.

  • The spoonie community is truly an awesome group of people. I’m so glad I have found them when I got ill. Don’t know what I would have done without them!

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