My Bipolar Truth

Honoring My Bipolar Truth by Jules Shapiro

I need to come clean. I can only do that by honoring my bipolar truth. Transparency is how I have gone through every stage of my life as a person with bipolar disorder. That and a sense of humor.

bipolar quoteI don’t give much thought to the time of my diagnosis. It was so long ago, I was young, and that was one of the handsful of “worst times” in my mental health history. I don’t have a sense of humor about that part of my journey. I have tried to forget about that experience; it was painful. I did, however, think about it recently during an interview. I got emotional. Moreso than I expected.

I explained it a little like this, “It was 1988, I was 18, first came a mania that led to extreme depression. I sought help which led to my diagnosis and now I am an advocate.”

Seeing the full story on the screen will make me feel more honest and transparent about my story.

So, here is how it happened. (Read More)


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