Giving Rare Disease Day the Credit that it Deserves

Giving Rare Disease Day the Credit that it Deserves

FICOHow do you give Rare Disease Day the credit it deserves? Did you know that you can change the way people react to you and your past life experiences using just 3 simple digits? It’s called a FICO/Credit score and it is either dreaded, fiercely protected or coveted by others. Three credit agencies keep information on all of the long-term expenditures of everyone in America. If you buy something in a certain way then you will be assessed and either judged or rewarded based on how long you have been spending, paying bills and living in your home. Basically, the more life experience you have and the better you are with a budget means that you will have a high score and more opportunities will be afforded to you.

*Afforded, accounting joke…see what I did there?”

Giving Credit and Predicting Patterns

medical supportI think Rare Disease Day [RDD] is similar to credit scoring and I swear I am not looney. The reason credit scores exist is to predict patterns and see if there is a chance for economic growth by using vast amounts of data to find opportunities for people based on their experience. Rare diseases are hard to treat and hard to research because so few people can be examined and any pattern might be masked. However, if a large group of people came together to talk about the differences and similarities of different rare diseases then there is a history of symptoms and treatment even if they are all not exact. That gives a spectrum of data points that doctors, pharmacists, and case workers can all observe and decide which problems to treat first and help multiple conditions at once. More people, better scoring, and greater opportunities.

Rare Disease Day:
It Takes Your Interest And Your Support

rare disease day


Your interest and support can help in so many ways: Bringing more attention will help other patients find support groups, research facilities, and clinical trials. Donating will help them get to their appointments and fund treatments and cures. Talking about it will help everyone become more comfortable with this new knowledge and many, many diseases will be named, classified and eradicated!

Use Three Simple Words

Did you know that you can change the way people react to patients and their limited treatment experiences using just 3 simple words? Rare Disease Day!

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