April 12, 2016

Fibromyalgia Resources and Support

Woman on stairs in #pain from #Fibromyalgia #ResourceFibromyalgia Resource Center

*Fibromyalgia may be the most common illness found amongst the friends and members proud to identify as #ChronicallyAwesome on social media. That is why it is important that we make as many resources available to newly diagnosed patients as possible. Each time you return to the resource center we hope you find more content here than the time before. If you know of a Fibro resource that simply must be a part of any patient’s toolbox let us know!

Why is this so important?

When first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia you are given information by your doctor that may be confusing. The information certainly cannot tell you what those who have been living with Fibro for years can tell you.

Along with these links, we invite you to visit our Facebook Page with your questions and to join the forums listed here. Soon, we will have a patient diary written by a Fibro veteran from our community.

Fibromyalgia Association FMAware.org

The Arthritis Foundation

Fibromyalgia Facts on MedicineNet.com

emedicinehealth Fibromyalgia

Symptoms and Diagnosing Fibromyalgia

The Tender Points

Explaining your chronic pain using the Subjective Pain Scale


Support Resources

Discussion Forums

My Fibro Team (a support forum)

Daily Strength, associated with ShareCare Support Site for Fibromyalgia





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