December 6, 2015


Donate now to support donation helps The Chronically Awesome Foundation support the needs of the chronically ill. By helping us, you help the chronically ill learn to “swap illness for awesome.” Your donation not only keeps the lights on, but it also allows us to start new projects to further our mission.

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The Chronically Awesome Foundation’s mission is to cultivate and support the chronically awesome community and provide a safe and healing environment where growth can happen through artistic expression. When you are a friend or member of the Chronically Awesome Foundation, you find yourself surrounded by others who understand and have shared a passion for helping others. When you are Chronically Awesome, you travel a path of learning about a more productive and positive life with chronic illness.

Blogs about depression and dealing with chronic illness.We encourage you to contribute to our blogging and art communities on Facebook, and our support communities on both Facebook and Google+. Our weekly podcast, Chronic Chronicles is a fun and informative way to not only learn, but participate in the ongoing conversation about chronic illness and how it impacts us in the world today.

The Chronically Awesome community is made up of individuals with any chronic condition: physical, or psychological. Genetic, developed, or acquired. What we all share is the desire to take the word ill our of our thinking, and to be as awesome as we can be every day.

Finally, remember that we are pragmatic. Being Chronically Awesome does not ignore what is going on in us and around us. Rather, we choose to find the gifts that life brings us even on this path that we did not choose.

“I did not choose illness. I did not choose to live exactly this way, but here I am, and since I am living this way, I am finding paths to happiness from this chair, or bed, or couch. I have found a path to happiness through writing and spreading what I DO have to offer to others.” ~ Jules Shapiro, Founder and Executive Director, The Chronically Awesome Foundation