March 9, 2016



patients helping patients“ipsa scientia potestas est” or, knowledge is power. Without knowledge of our conditions, we are unable to make informed decisions regarding the many treatment options that will be presented to us over the course of our time navigating the often choppy seas of chronic illness. It is our hope that peer-driven knowledge of your condition will help you to transition from chronically ill to “Chronically Awesome.”

The Chronically Awesome Foundation started with one person, one computer, and the singular desire to understand chronic illness. The answers did not come from doctors but peers.

“doveryai no proveryai”

Trust but Verify. Peer information is comforting. Stories from our peers about the day-to-day life with any given condition can be just as helpful, and some would argue more valuable, than that of our doctor’s knowledge about living with your newly diagnosed illness. We want you to hear from the people who live life daily with what are only bullet points on websites and brochures. We are not bullet points or lists of symptoms.

BUT, we must take some of the information we gather from our peers and “trust but verify.”  It is important to understand that our peers are not doctors. We cannot take medical advice from someone who is not a doctor. It is important to check with your doctor before changing any part of your treatment. And, while we believe strongly that the patient stories and advice on our patient driven whitepapers are important we also provide links and information from primary sources and trusted organizations.

We hope you find answers and support within these pages. Keep checking back. We promise you that these resources will continue to grow.

Would you like to be a peer blogger and researcher for your condition? Maybe you have a motto or important words to live by about your condition that you think have made your life with your condition easier. Contact us at

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