Chronic Chronicles Podcast: Addiction Awareness

Chronic Chronicles Podcast About Addiction Awareness

On May 22nd, Sarah Grahwohl from joined us at Chronic Chronicles for a podcast about addiction awareness. We had the opportunity to define addiction and the impact of addiction on one’s life or the life of a family member.. We had the opportunity to define addiction and the impact of addiction on one’s life or the life of a family member. We discussed the perpetuation of negative terms or labels that are placed on those with substance abuse problems, and how these stereotypes make it harder for us to get help. “I am not a junkie!” “Alcoholic? I have a job and I take care of my family! I am not a drunk!”

Words are important

The podcast covered treatment options including inpatient, outpatient, sober living, AA as well as medications.

We are sensitive to our pain management patients and spent time discussing multi-modal pain options as well as the difference between addiction and dependence. There is also an opioid crisis in this country that cannot be ignored. Our podcast spends time on this issue and the problems facing both the addiction community and the pain community.


As we always do, we pinned several items on our Chronic Chronicles Show Links Pinterest Board. One of the most valuable tools provided in this week’s podcast is the Sobriety E-Book.

Learn about the different care options that fit under the large umbrella that addiction treatment covers.

The Chronic Chronicles Podcast is produced by The Chronically Awesome Foundation. We feature special guests from the health and health advocacy community. We thank Sarah and for appearing on Chronic Chronicles and for their 2017 partnership. You can read’s partnership blogs right here on

Listen Here! Chronic Chronicles Podcast About Addiction (flash required, if you do not see the player visit Chronic Chronicles)



Sarah is a writer and social media specialist for She is an advocate for mental health and addiction treatment. If you would like to learn more about addiction, treatment options or want to submit a story idea, please contact her at

You can find on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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