Change is Constant

Change is Constant. Remember the Silver Lining of Living with Mesothelioma

Originally posted Wed. Feb. 9, 2016 by Cara T. – Mesothelioma Center in our Partner Organization Program Section

Every single day, we meet people who are facing invisible battles.

Approximately, 39.6 percent of people in the world will be diagnosed with cancer. That’s an estimated 2.7 billion people who will, at some point, hear the words: “I’m sorry. It’s cancer.”

In that very moment, the world stops spinning.

Richard M. talks about mesothelioma.

Cancer is a word of horror in every language around the world. The very whispering of it is enough to leave a pit in your stomach. For many, hearing the word cancer brings up images of chemotherapy, surgery, and baldness, but what many don’t realize is there is so much more to cancer than just the scary images that haunt our nightmares.

Every year, new medical advancements and awareness events scroll through the headlines reminding us there is hope. From promising clinical trials to medical breakthroughs, researchers and oncologists are working hand-in-hand to provide the best options in health care. Finally, survivors are living longer than ever before.

Nearly everyone knows someone with cancer. Whether it is your mother, father, co-worker or best friend, cancer leaves its mark in your life. For some, that means stepping up as a caregiver.

For others, that means a new daily routine filled with more doctor appointments. No matter what, a cancer diagnosis always means one thing: Change.

So, how has your life changed? More…

One thought on “Change is Constant

  • The stories from the mesothelioma patients we have been learning about through our partnership with The Mesothelioma Center have opened my eyes to the reality of Mesothelioma. There is a public perception about this illness that is a misconception. Lawyers are preying on these patients and distracting us from what is important to know about this cancer and the brave people thriving with such an aggressive, terminal diagnosis. That someone can have a positive outlook and be #ChronicallyAwesome in the face of this is inspiring and what I hope for in all of our #ChronicallyAwesome members: hope above all else.

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