March 12, 2016

STAND -ing Together as Chronically Awesome!

It is an especially fantastic time to STAND up as a member of The Chronically Awesome Foundation.

Posted March 12, 2016 by Jules

standIn an article on the STAND blog about The Chronically Awesome Foundation, STAND called us a “Cause We Love.” STAND is a social meeting place to “connect with the people you care about for the causes you love.” The article helped to send the strong message about Chronically Awesome and our members; “we are not our conditions, we are people with conditions.” Get the STAND app and STAND with us!

Our relationship with The Mesothelioma Center continues. The bravery of the men and women with this condition, not to mention their families, never ceases to amaze me.

wego health logoOur advocacy work in the mental health community continues. As founder of Chronically Awesome, and a 28- year thriving survivor of Bipolar Disorder, I was proud to be announced one of WEGO Health’s top Bipolar advocates.

We continue to add to our member blogs and encourage you to submit a blog post for the site.

We have started our condition resource center. Each condition we add will have resources and a member diary maintained by a veteran in the community. If you want to help us out with the resource section for your condition, use the contact form at the bottom of our site to let us know.

Don’t forget to RSVP to our Mental Health Support Chat, which takes place April 4th. The group is a monthly, moderated, peer-to-peer Facebook chat. The topic is open. Our moderator is there to keep you safe from abuse and to keep the conversation moving. It is not required to RSVP, but it does help us to get a scope of interest.

We are about to relaunch our T-Shirt and Hoodie sale. Follow the link, enter your contact info and we will let you know when the sale starts. Do not forget that our fundraising efforts for this year go to creating arts and crafts kits for Chronically Awesome kids.

For the same amount that you might spend on a grande cup of coffee at Starbucks, we can turn a chronically ill child into a Chronically Awesome Artist. Just $3.

Whether it is $3 now, an auto donation, or any amount you choose, we appreciate your donation.

I look forward to working with our awesome board to offer you more resources in the coming months.

“It is in the act of offering our hearts in faith that something in us transforms… proclaiming that we no longer stand on the sidelines but are leaping directly into the center of our lives, our truth, our full potential.” – Sharon Salzberg

Let’s leap to our potential together!

And your Chronically Awesome Board,
Michael Galli, Scott Gray, Donna Merrick, Rebecca Rose