January 19, 2016

New & Improved ChronicallyAwesome.org

Posted Thursday Jan. 21, 2016 by – Jules

ChronicallyAwesome.org is happy to introduce a new website to help support people living with chronic illness.


We are so excited to welcome you to our new website. The launch of the site marks a big step in the growth of The Chronically Awesome Foundation. As we grow we are proud of you, our Chronically Awesome friends and members, for continuing to carry the torch that lights the way for so many chronically ill that are seeking a positive path in their lives.

As we continue to grow, you will see this site expand. We will be posting more news about the opportunities you have to help your Chronically Awesome brothers and sisters nationwide. You will find more resources; you will discover more stories from your peers about how they were able to take their illness and trade it in for awesome.

Never did I think that Chronically Awesome could grow like this. I am overwhelmed with gratitude each time I see the like and comments and posts we receive on our various Facebook pages and our Google+ Community.

So, again, I say welcome. Poke around, get to know our new look and what we have to offer. Keep coming back as we add more to the site every week. And if you want to send us a blog post, send us an email at info@chronicallyawesome.org letting us know about what you would like to write.

Thanks, and stay awesome!