April 21, 2016

April Board Blog

April Advisory Board Blog

It’s time for an update from Jules and the Chronically Awesome Advisory Board!

It is a busy month to be a part of The Chronically Awesome Foundation. You know the expression “When It Rains It Pours.” That applies to things here at #ChronicallyAwesome. But, I am never too busy to stop and read your mail. Your personal stories of Chronically Awesome Triumph make my heart sing! And, when you need to share your troubles and problems, I am happy that you trust me.

Not only do emails come in, but pen to paper. A lovely and healing tradition that has not died. Our address is at the bottom of every page, and on our Facebook pages. Writing your story down for yourself or someone else is an important part of psychic healing.

we love our volunteersThis month is Volunteer Appreciation Month. We should appreciate our volunteers every month. I appreciate you every day. Appreciation is important. It is so important for an organization like ours that we have fantastic volunteers that are ready to help out when we need them. And, we do. I want to take a moment to recognize our volunteers and say THANK YOU! If it was not for your help, I do not think I could get the message of being Chronically Awesome out to the chronically ill in our world. You recognize the benefit of swapping illness for awesome because you have done it yourself.

I especially want to thank Scott Gray. Scott is on the advisory board but refuses to show his face. He has listened to me freak out, cry, and fortunately, together, we have been able to laugh. Scott has taught me so much about how to maintain this website, but he has done the heavy lifting, and done it in record speed. When I mentioned to my old high school friend that what Chronically Awesome needed was a new website he volunteered immediately. We had just found each other after 29 years. Amazing! Thank you, Scott.

If you are interested in volunteering for The Chronically Awesome Foundation, please email our board outreach coordinator Michael, another volunteer. You can find him at Michael@ChronicallyAwesome.org.

Our work with The Mesothelioma Center continues. You can listen to Cara from The Mesothelioma Center on Chronic Chronicles April 26th at 1 pm pacific/4pm eastern. If you miss the interview, don’t worry, you can always listen to it on TalkShoe or iTunes. We will also be posting a full transcript.

autism awarenessApril is also Autism Awareness Month. Are you a parent of a child with Autism or other special needs? We have a Facebook page for parents of ChronicallyAwesome kids.

Growing our Condition Center is a big priority right now. For each condition, we add a patient diary. The goal of the patient diary is to show someone newly diagnosed with that condition what it is truly like living with the diagnosis day-to-day. If you are interested in sending us 300-600 words per month about your experience with your Chronically Awesome condition, please contact Julianna@ChronicallyAwesome.org. Let me know what your condition is. It does not have to be a condition that currently appears in the condition center. We still have many conditions to add to the center; yours may be next.

Make the rest of this month count. Take five minutes per day to think of something positive. We will be posting positive affirmations and reflections on positive emotions on our Facebook pages. Give it a whirl; you may be surprised at the outcome.

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”
― Nicolas Chamfort