March 9, 2016

Bipolar Disorder

#bipolar resourcesBipolar Disorder

*Bipolar Disorder once referred to as “Manic Depressive”, is characterized by dramatic mood swings. There are varying types of Bipolar Disorder but four major types have been identified.

This Mood Disorder has been diagnosed in adults and children alike yet no single cause has been determined for the illness. Rather, it appears that several factors come together to create just the “right” condition to trigger the perfect storm.

While it does not appear that the children of Bipolar parents are destined to be, themselves, Bipolar, there are some researchers that claim to have found a genetic link to the disease.

The Bipolar Disorder Phenome Database published by the National Institute of Mental Health is a database accessible to the public and contains research information attempting to, in fullest detail possible, describe the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder. The goal is to make information available to those researching Bipolar Disorder in an attempt to determine a possible genetic link.


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