Health Care: Astonish The World

Astonish The World

astonish the world quoteIt has taken me longer than I wished to write you this thank you note. This love letter. This is a small token to you for the great feat you accomplished. You managed to astonish the world.

We have been busy, all of us in the Chronically Awesome world. Life was turned upside down. The exchange of ideas about our health care has been fraught with anger, fear, and finally, hope.

I have wondered the most about the anger.

What’s With The Anger?

Why are they so angry?

Why would so much anger surround something as basic as keeping the healthy whole, helping the sick get well, and keeping those of us most vulnerable stable?

Why is it so difficult for one human to look at another human and say, “Yes, I want to make sure that you are taken care of”?

It makes me sad. I am, clearly, naive.

As sad as I have been and as angry as I have been, I am proud. I am proud of the work that you have done, that we have done to astonish the world.

Health Care is Hard!

I do not believe this is over. “Health Care is hard!” Working WITH those who wish to stand against us is harder. While we constantly stay vigilant, guarding against the silent whispering behind closed doors of those who want desperately to take away what we hold dear regardless of the consequences, we must do this constantly: Do the right thing.

It is what separates us from them.

As long as we do the right thing we stand taller and stronger than those who wish to stand against us. As long as we do the right thing, those who do the wrong thing will be called out as cruel and as motivated by greed. When we show that we are strong and astonishing in our fight to do the right thing we will never allow the politicization of our health to succeed.

Resist. Be Chronically Awesome. Astonish the world.

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Julianna Shapiro

Founder, Executive Director

The Chronically Awesome Foundation

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