Art For Chronically Awesome Kids

Art For Chronically Awesome Kids

Emi's CourageWhat if someone gave you the gift of creativity and then asked you to pass it along to a chronically ill child? Or many gifts for many children? Could you spent some time with the children, coloring, drawing, making collages with paste and pictures, or playing with stickers? Could you teach a teenager how to open up and journal about his health journey? Just for an hour or two?

At Chronically Awesome, we think that you could spend some time creating art with a child, reading with a child, writing with a child. In fact, The Chronically Awesome Foundation also hopes you will help find the opportunities with us. Because we know what it feels like to be sick. We know as adults that it can be hard to get through a day with a chronic illness, and knowing that, it is hard to think of a child living with what we live with. If we could do a little something to help a child express what he or she is feeling through art, we know that the expression helps them become a bit more Chronically Awesome. And, we know that if you stick around and create with them you will feel the same.

It Is Our Goal

At Chronically Awesome we have been raising money to create art kits for chronically ill kids. We want to send the raw materials of expression to children of any age who need the healing powers of expression in their lives. When possible, we want you, our Chronically Awesome team spread out all across the country, to deliver these gifts. It is our hope that you don’t just drop these art kits off. We hope you have time to stick around for awhile because we believe that the magic will rub off on you too.

You might even develop a few relationships, reasons to go back. And go back again.

We Aren’t Waiting.

awesome notesWhile we work to fund and create art kits for different age groups, we are not waiting. We are already meeting kids that are chronically awesome. We meet kids along this path of ours that inspire us to continue doing what we are doing. Recently, we introduced you to both Preston and Emi on Rare Disease Day. So many of you read, and you shared their stories. You made a difference in the lives of not just Preston and Emi but in the lives of all children and adults who live with rare diseases.

After Rare Disease Day we put together some “custom” art kits for our Rare Disease Heros. It was a great feeling, the day we were able to send them their boxes of expression. We cannot wait to do this for more kids. We cannot wait to see YOU out there sharing the Chronically Awesome message with kids in hospitals, at clinics, or anywhere there is a need.

Where there is art, there is awesome. When you can share art with a child, you will find that, even if only for a little while, whatever is bothering you will not bother you as much. We know it works, so to you, we say: it is worth a try, we hope you join us.

chronically awesome art box


Happy Creating!

Jules, Rebecca, Donna Kay, and Scott

If you want to help The Chronically Awesome Foundation by donating your time or by learning about the items we need to build our art kits contact julianna @

Your tax-deductible donation can be made via our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas.

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