December 6, 2015

Our Mission

lifes-gifts-motivational-journeyThe Mission of
The Chronically Awesome Foundation

Our Mission

The Chronically Awesome Foundation is an educational, support, and philanthropic organization. Our mission is to cultivate and support the Chronically Awesome Community through artistic programs including but not limited to blogging, photography, painting, and crafting; as well as to provide support programs both in a group or peer-to-peer settings. The Chronically Awesome Foundation strives to educate and raise awareness about the needs of the Chronically Awesome Community. We provide comfort to those in need and give back to The Chronically Awesome Community at large in creative and uplifting ways.

The positive message of The Chronically Awesome Foundation has and continues to inspire thousands of people across the nation and around the world who choose to separate mentally from their illness and begin healing in a way they never thought possible.

That is why, at the end of each day, more and more people are proud to make a longer and longer list of accomplishments starting with “Today I was Chronically Awesome because I…”.

Foundation Overview:

Chronically Awesome is a lifestyle for the chronically ill. Chronically Awesome is about taking the word ill out of our thinking and being as awesome as we can be every day.

Every moment in our lives helps to create the next one, so we are always building up to better and better things. It is up to us to find “the thing” in each of those moments. When we try to be our very best, we are guaranteeing that the next moment will be

art mission

Lovely Crafts by Donna. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to artistic expression.

even better, and so on. So, when we find “the thing” that is good in our lives, and build upon that, we are building upon a foundation that is solid.


Now, as a fiscally sponsored foundation, the Chronically Awesome Foundation, with the help of your memberships and donations, can reach out and provide services to those who need support. Chronically Awesome is based the known benefits of creativity. The additive nature of Chronically Awesome not just a Chronically Awesome theory. Dr. Barbara Fredrickson’s work called “Broaden and Build” is the scientific basis for what we do. We do not wake up each morning and begin the count backward. We start the count forward. We build up what we can do. As we pace ourselves over days, weeks, months, we broaden and build our emotions and our lifestyle, and in so doing we become more resilient on both an emotional and cellular level. We are philanthropic. Working together to help chronically ill children in our partner hospitals and other health facilities by providing creative tools that are age appropriate. Whether we are shipping these tools or dropping them off so that we can work directly with the children, we are helping others which help us.

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