December 6, 2015

Rebecca Rose – Chair of Communications Committee


Rebecca was one of the first members of The Chronically Awesome Foundation. She has been an active participant and volunteer ever since. In 2014, Rebecca took on a more official role when she started leading our group of communication activists, informing our group of volunteer social media messengers what The Chronically Awesome Foundation was doing so that our grassroots movement could spread to the thousands touched by our positive message. Rebecca was a natural choice to chair our communications committee to grow further our online message via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and wherever else social media will take us.

Rebecca studied to be a paralegal at a local business school. She then transferred to Kutztown University in Pennsylvania where she studied Biology, Cultural Anthropology and Chinese. During her stay in Kutztown, Rebecca helped promote “Brainstorm” – a charity ball held in honor of a friend to help raise funds to cover medical bills.

In early 2011, Rebecca developed Fibromyalgia, which, on top of other issues creating difficulty at the time, forced to her to end her studies later that year.

Rebecca has been able to return to the charitable work she found so fulfilling by volunteering for the Chronically Awesome Foundation. Rebecca enjoys gardening, is an avid reader and artist and participates in many social advocacy projects. She is looking forward to the day she can return to college and to growing her family. If you’d like to contact Rebecca, please use our Contact Us form.