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Speech Therapy: Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

Speech Therapy: When Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect This blog about Dystonia and Speech Therapy is from the blog: Chronicles Of A Dystonia Muse by Pamela Sloate A dashing speech therapist broke my heart. No, it wasn’t a torrid romance ending in tragedy but his sage words of advice: conversational speech is the last dam to break. Worse still,[…]

Patricia is not letting mesothelioma stop her.

Change is Constant

Change is Constant. Remember the Silver Lining of Living with Mesothelioma Originally posted Wed. Feb. 9, 2016 by Cara T. – Mesothelioma Center in our Partner Organization Program Section Every single day, we meet people who are facing invisible battles. Approximately, 39.6 percent of people in the world will be diagnosed with cancer. That’s an[…]

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Postcard #6: Actions, Not Resolutions

Postcards From The Fog, A Journey Shared, by Michael Galli Postcard #6: Actions, Not Resolutions, 31 December 2014 December 31: The day that news feeds, tweets timelines and blog notifications fill with retrospectives and resolution promises. Not a bad thing at all. There are very real therapeutic benefits for the people posting like this. Especially,[…]