the Chronically Awesome foundation


The Chronically Awesome© Foundation is a philanthropic organization whose mission it is to cultivate and support the Chronically Awesome Community through artistic programs including but not limited to blogging, photography, painting, and crafting; as well as to provide support programs both in a group or peer-to-peer settings. The Chronically Awesome Foundation strives to educate and raise awareness about the needs of the Chronically Awesome. We provide comfort to those in need and give back to The Chronically Awesome Community in creative and uplifting ways. Find out more.


Being Chronically Awesome is being inspired to find the gifts that life brings us even on this path that we did not choose.


The programs of The Chronically Awesome Foundation are based on support, acceptance, diversity and peer inspiration. We help one another set and achieve goals with our chat groups, podcast, and social communities. Click on one of the programs below for more information.

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Chronically Awesome is a positive lifestyle for the chronically ill. Here are some tips to help you become more Chronically Awesome.